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Research & Advisory

Fundamental Research

Our fundamental research is aimed at investors looking to invest in stocks based on the company's past and future performance for the medium to long term. Price targets, investment horizon and recommendation rationale with detailed analysis and report are provided.

  • Investment Ideas - these are new stock picks based on analysis of the developments specific to a company.
  • Updates - these are follow-on reports to Investment Ideas to help investors better monitor their investments and take decision on accumulate/hold or sell.
  • Special Reports - These refer to industry reports or reports that provide house views and analysis of macro economic developments or events such as Monetary Policy, Budget Review etc.

Technical Research

Our dedicated team of Technical Analysts provide trading ideas, strategies and calls for Intra-day, medium term and long term positions. These are based on statistical, fundamental or Technical Analysis or even based on seasonality depending on the asset class in question.

  • T-20 Call: These are purely intraday calls and square-off around 3.15 PM
  • Positional call: Positions calls are given with a perspective of average 4-5 trading session and may be in cash, futures or option.
  • Special Report: Special reports calls are given whenever we observe a good technical pattern in any of the stock, commodity or currency. Average holding periods differs from segment to segment but all the special reports are positional in nature with average holding period of 15 days plus.
  • Pair Trade: Pair trades are again positional trades in which strategy is formulated in 2 stocks at a same time. Pair traded doesn't indicate about the direction of the markets or stocks but suggest that one stock is going to outperform the other stock.

Mutual Fund Research

Our approach to mutual fund investments is research and advisory based as opposed to being transaction based. Our MF Research Desk has a team of analysts from diverse backgrounds who analyze funds and performance on a variety of parameters before recommending customers. Research output comprises the following:

  • Daily MF Performance Report
  • MF News and Update
  • Recommended Funds
  • SIP Feature for the Month
  • Special Reports

Margin Finance

Our Margin Trade Financing product allows you to take leveraged positions in capital markets segment facilitating purchase of securities with the help of amount borrowed from us against securities placed as collateral.

Key Features

  • Tenure - Up to 12 months with a option to renew at the end of term.
  • Security - As per approved list of securities.
  • Loan Amount - Minimum Rs. 2 Lakhs.
  • Margins - 30% to 50% of the approved equity shares.
  • Interest - Interest is calculated on daily outstanding balance payable/debited to your loan account at the end of every month.
  • Eligibility - Resident Individuals, Public and Private limited companies, registered partnership firms.

Private Clients Group

This is a specialized desk aimed at High Networth Individuals having unique investment needs. Clients are assigned dedicated wealth manager having good understanding of products across asset classes so as to advise and recommend customers on the basis of their unique requirements. Our approach here is more customized and consultative solutions from our product and research desks

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